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I'm an Australian, living in Los Angeles with my wife and dog. First and foremost, I am an actor, having been in the business going on 18 years. However, design has been a sneaky passion of mine all along the way. I have always been drawing, painting and sculpting, and was always putting my hand up to design the theatre flyer, or create a website for the film I was acting in. I also took a lot of pride in my personal acting website, and annoyed my friends to let me design theirs. So, after finally listening to my inner childish excitement, I enrolled to study in the CalArts Graphic Design program. Using these skills to specialize in custom designed websites for creative individuals and businesses is combination of many passions. I know a lot of creative people get frustrated in the details when trying to work on their own materials, so whether you aren't tech minded, or just don't have the time for it, I hope I can take the burden off your shoulders and create something that truly helps take your career to the next level.


A Selection of Previous Work



Steph is a highly talented actress with series regular credits, but had just moved to LA and needed to focus her brand on her castability in this major market. She is naturally a bright, shiny, personable kinda gal, so her website design had to showcase this. Using bright colours and feminine touches, we were able to create a site that smiles and welcomes as much as she does. Her target roles are Young Mom, Romantic Lead, & Quirky Teacher.



Troy is a wonderful comic and dramatic actor, who's biggest challenge is his wide castability. Being a fantastic character actor means he really can be anyone and anything they need! However, the challenge lies in how to brand him so casting knows exactly where to put him. The result was creating a website that gives a glimpse Troy's jovial personality, whilst showcasing the fantastic range in characters he's capable of.

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Whist Elke is known as a fantastic actor, it was actually her business as a Visa, Immigration and Recruitment Consultant that required a website spruce up. Her existing website was a one-pager with some info and contact details. We decided to design a whole new site with multiple pages and information so that her future and clients had a hub to get everything they needed. A small challenge we had here, is that whist the industry of immigration in the USA is very bland and official, Elke herself is bubbly, down to earth, and full of life! So I created a website that has the professionalism that gives clients peace of mind, but also a hint of the personality and fun you get when working with Elke.

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This is a company that specializes in decade themed game shows for live events. When they needed a full rebrand to bring them to the modern era, I was super excited. The rebrand included a new company logo, a new logo for each of their 3 themed shows, 4 new promo videos (edited from existing footage), and a brand new shiny website encapsulating the excitement of their high energy shows. Using design inspiration and aesthetics from the 80s & 90s, whilst centering it in the very crisp and clean modern day.


Rather than just a casting profile or social media page, Mahalia decided having all her materials at a glance was a priority for career. We also wanted to create a page that had modern style and beauty to match her casting type. As someone that is often cast as the comedic "girlfriend" or "bridesmaid", we decided to create a site influenced by the colour palette and trends of modern bridal design. Using the fonts and patterns that one would find familiar in wedding invites and signage, gives the viewer the immediate perspective of her castability.



Who would I be if I couldn't put my money where my mouth is? If my own personal actor page isn't up to scratch how you be expected to trust I can give you one to be excited about? My targeted actor brand is "A little hipster, a little sexy, a little fun!" I created a site that hits those marks, but still keeps a little of my personality, and using clean, sharp design elements. 



I count my lucky stars that I had Josh to design my website.

As an actor, self promotion is a necessity and a professional, eye-catching website is an absolute must and this was precisely what Josh provided. I was initially nervous approaching the daunting task of creating my first website, but Josh immediately put me at ease. In our one-on-one consultations Josh was fantastic, he came to the table with great creative energy and solid conceptual plans for designing a bespoke website specifically for me.
His eye for style and design is razor-sharp and I was in awe at Josh’s savvy nature to be able to translate my own brand and personality to the pages of a website.
Josh made the task of providing him with my content absolutely effortless and his simple yet comprehensive questionnaire and chat sessions made the whole experience fun and truly collaborative.
Josh was warm, accommodating and always approachable, communicating with him throughout the project was an absolute breeze.
Above all Josh’s extensive and personal knowledge of the acting and entertainment industry puts him a cut above the rest. His suggestions and advice where so valuable and utterly on point with current industry trends and what clients are looking for.
Josh is truly a dab hand at impressive and personalised web design and I would unreservedly recommend his services at every instance.


"I cannot speak highly enough about this man. Not only is Josh a ridiculously talented actor, but he SO gets website design and execution.


I already knew Josh to be reliable. Accountable. Honest. Kind. Hard-working. He is a DOER. He just get the job done with as much precision and efficiency as possible. He really made sure he understood my vision and my ‘brand’ and then chose fonts and a style that beautifully captured that. He came back to me very fast with a first draft and from there, he ‘got’ every tiny change I suggested - without ever taking offense. He just ran with it and kept saying “yup, I get it. I’ll get it back to you asap.” He nailed it every time.


You couldn’t find a nicer and more talented man to help you with this. He has a creative outlook with a business mind, and this combination is precisely what you’ll want and need. Plus, he’s a funny man! (Funny ha-ha). You’ll love his work! Elks”



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